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Chocolate and Wine Pairings & Tastings

If you love chocolate and wine, why not enjoy them together? At CocoaVina, we offer events where guests can savor custom-made artisan chocolate and fine wines, for an elegant and delicious experience! Contact us to learn more about hosting an event in your home, office, restaurant or winery. 

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Chocolate & Wine History, Cultivation & Health Benefits

Taste some truly wonderful chocolate while sipping on your favorite wine! CocoaVina pairs chocolate and wine together to create the perfect flavor combinations of sweet, savory and delicious. You will learn about their history and cultivation, as well as regions and climates that are ideal for grapes and cocoa beans to grow. In addition, we fill you in on their health benefits!

Enjoy Custom-Made Chocolate Bars

CocoaVina creates custom-made chocolate bars for purchase after your event. Organic fruits, nuts, herbs and spices go into our pure dark chocolate for a decadent treat! Take home a bar to friends and family and share what you've learned! Give a delicious gift to yourself or that special someone...